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Nativo Artist Rooms

May 10, 2013

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Nativo Lodge, a Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc. hotel and SWAIA, have commissioned four Native American contemporary artists to transform guestrooms into works of art. This bold artist room project is the first of its kind in New Mexico. "Most people experience art in galleries or museum settings. The opportunity for our hotel guests to sleep in a guest room that is an art piece in itself, promises to be one of the most exciting and stimulating experiences anywhere," said Heritage Hotels and Resorts, Inc. CEO, Jim Long. These guest rooms, designed by Native American artists, are deeply rooted in cultural traditions but express themselves in surprising ways. These artist rooms take the hotel guest room experience to another level."

Acclaimed SWAIA Native American contemporary artists Heidi Brandow, Nani Chacon, Rhett Lynch and Ehren Kee Natay will kick off the Artist Room project. These New Mexico artists have received local and national attention including accolades from SWAIA. Nativo Lodge partnered with SWAIA to select these featured artists through a juried submission process.


Heidi Brandow (Native Hawaiian/Diné) is a painter whose work commonly portrays personalities found in poetry and personal reflections. Hailing from a long line of Native Hawaiian singers, musicians and dancers on her mother's side and Diné storytellers and medicine people on her father's side, she finds that her pursuit of an artistic career comes naturally.
Heidi's room

Nani Chacon (Diné) started her street artwork when she was sixteen and is known for her bold colors and representations of American and Chicana culture. Chacon uses an archetype of female characters to explore ideas of feminism, sexuality, softness, power, culture, traditionalism and modernism.
Nani's room

Rhett Lynch (Diné) has been painting, sculpting, writing and acting for over thirty years. His art conveys the stories and experiences of his indigenous heritage as well as provoking thought and emotions. Lynch's room features a work of art that has 175 prayer ties over the bed, a design that reflects the east morning light and giclee prints on the walls.
Rhett's room

Ehren Kee Natay (Diné/Kewa Pueblo) is a recipient of the 2012 SWAIA/Nativo Lodge Rising Artist Fellowship. He is a contemporary street art style artist. His work expresses immense energy and portrays imagery of his culture. Natay's room portrays a buffalo dancer, a water serpent, and includes a photographic print on metal as well as other artistic elements that nod to pop culture figures like The Simpsons characters.
Ehren's room

We hope you join us on May 10th from 7-10pm to help celebrate what these talented artists have created and to experience these unique rooms first hand. All four artists will be present to show and talk about their work and the inspiration behind their pieces.