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2015 Indian Market Best of Show

ANNOUNCEMENT!! Congrats to ALL Best of Class Winners!

This years Best of Class winners by classification are:

Class I: Jewelry
Ernest Benally (Navajo), "Bolo on Handmade Leather", 26" Bolo with handmade Sterling Silver and inlaid gemstones and shells, on leather

Class II: Pottery
Nancy Youngblood (Santa Clara Pueblo), "Horse Running through the Lighting and Rain," Santa Clara Pueblo Clay pot, Native out-door firing, stone polished

Class III: Painting, Drawing, Graphics & Photography
David Dalasohya (Hopi/ Laguna Pueblo), "Mixed Kachinas' (Cloud Form) acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48"

Class IV: Wooden Pueblo Figurative Carving & Sculpture
Bryant Mavasta Honyouti (Hopi)
, "Depiction of Corn Dancers," Multiple figure wood carving with attached Katsinas, 16", hand-carved Cottonwood Root, wood-burned relief, and acrylic paint

Class V: Sculpture
Troy Sice (Zuni Pueblo)
, "Warrior Mouse and Owl Set," Carved elk antlers, inlaid with sterling silver, shell and precious stones

Class VI: Textiles
D.Y. Begay (Navajo)
, "Blessings of Rain," Navajo weaving/tapestry, made of wool

Class VII: Diverse Arts
Jamie Okuma & Sandra Okuma (Mother and Daughter) (Shoshone Bannock/Luiseno)
, "The Haute Couture of the Indigenous Kind: Yesterday and Today;" two mannequins together as an installation – concept is Native fashion and its evolution and adaptation to contemporary times; textiles, beading, jewelry, handbags, ornamentation in multiple mediums and materials

Class VIII: Beadwork & Quillwork
Jackie Bread (Blackfeet)
, "1892 Ledger Book with 6 Ledgers and Portrait of Blackfeet Men," cut and seed beads, 1892 ledger book and antique papers, materials, colored thread, appliqué stitch beadwork, lazy stitch embroidery techniques, prisma colors, pencil

Class IX: Youth (artists aged 17 and under)
Camryn Growing Thunder (Assiniboine/Sioux)
"Parfleche Handbag," Hand-painted design on wood tiles with beaded handle and image of Chief Spotted Tail

Class X: Moving Images
"Native Evolution," by documentary filmmaker Kyle Bell (Thloptlocco)
, documentary, featuring artist/painter Steven Grounds (Yuchi, Navajo, Seminole, Creek)

Class XI: Basketry (Best of Show)
Carol Emarthle-Douglas (Northern Arapaho-Seminole)
, "Cultural Burdens," which represents the "burden" of baskets of various tribes in 22 attached miniature baskets; coiled, twined and plaited weave, with a variety of tree splints, silk thread, sinew, pine- needles, wood, pewter beads, and deer hide