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Indian Market EDGE

Full schedule of Indian Market events, including EDGE

INDIAN MARKET: EDGE (IM: EDGE), sponsored by JoAnn and Bob Balzer, is an exciting new component of Indian Market. Begun in 2015, this new initiative encompasses all aspects of contemporary art forms and adds another dimension to SWAIA'S world-renowned event. As visitors from around the world descend upon Santa Fe to experience the beauty of Indian culture and art, IM: EDGE offers another glimpse into the fine art that Natives are producing. IM: EDGE has not changed the identity of the Santa Fe Indian Market, has enhanced the scope, and offers our community a chance to highlight new forms, digital content, and narratives that may not have an easily identifiable place within SWAIA’s current classifications.

IM: EDGE will take place over the course of 3 days, August 17th – 19th at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center as part of the official Santa Fe Indian Market.