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Download the IM:EDGE Application Here! Deadline to Apply is July 19.

FAQs regarding the application process, jurying, tenure, and booth placement


Please donate to the Annual Auction! Indian Market is an enormous event which draws approximately 120k visitors to Santa Fe in order to find the best works being created by Native fine artists. Our hope is to continue to not only create the most prestigious fine art market in America, but to create an event and experience in which there is truly something appealing for everyone. The costs associated with such an event are truly staggering and the booth fees do not cover even the majority of our expenses. SWAIA staff must work hard all year round to find sponsorships, donors, and members to bear the bulk of the expense. Our silent and live auctions help make up that difference. Many artists recognize the benefit that participation in our show offers and they donate year after year in order to assist in the building of this amazing event. If you have benefitted from participation in our show, please, donate to our auction. We need your help.

  • Booth Space- Please keep all items associated with your booth within the boundaries of your booth space. We have strict city and fire codes that we have to adhere to and often we see chairs, coolers, boxes etc making their way outside of assigned booth spaces.
    • On a related note, please be mindful of your racks and tables. They must fit within your booth space. Even 6inch encroachments can then become many feet that then diminishes booth space for another artist. It’s disrespectful to your artist neighbors who have also worked tirelessly to present their art when you move beyond your space.
  • Respect for SWAIA staff and volunteers-Please be respectful of our staff and volunteers. Indian Market is a monumental event that requires many long hours and planning in order to create an event unlike any other in the world. We make mistakes and will make mistakes in the future. Please be patient with us as we try to resolve your issue and the others that were before yours and that are after yours. I promise that patience and mutual respect will go much farther than anger and disrespect. We are here to serve our artist community but we also must be fair to every artist.
  • Please pick up your pieces from judging! Surprisingly there are always a few pieces that we must return to the office because artists have not picked them up.
    • Please be mindful of your shop neighbors and their doorways and windows. Please do not block doorways and there is no posting of your booth cards on windows near your booth. Please display your booth cards on the front of your table. There are dozens of artists who would be happy to comply with such simple rules in your spot if you are not able to.
    • No nailing or stapling things to the wooden pillars or columns under the portals.
    • All vehicles must be cleared of the plaza before 6:45am on Saturday and 7:45am on Sunday.
    • All booths must close promptly at 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. We had a number of fender benders due to the large crowds and vehicles entering the Indian Market boundaries.
    • Artist services Map and listing- A large format map with real time updates will be available at the center of the plaza at the Artist Services Booth. It will be updated as changes are made (artists sell out, etc.) and will be the most current and updated listing of artists.
    • Please turn in your booth card if you vacate your booth early so we can update our map and inform collectors who may be searching for you.

Please review our full standards carefully (link above). These reminders are just problems we noticed from the last few years. Violations of our standards includes expulsion from Indian Market as well as temporary exclusion depending on the severity of the violation. With the competitiveness of participation in Indian Market, please do not risk your participation by violating our standards.
    • There have been changes to the 2019 Standards for Jewelry! Apple coral is now allowed with disclosure. Please see the for details.
    • Disclosures - You MUST disclose any and all artificial enhancements to your polish piece. This includes shellacs, varnishes, clear coats of any kind, etc. Our judges will see it on your entry piece and no enhancement will last for years and your collectors must be aware of any potential future issues that may arise with their piece.
    • 2-DIMENSIONAL: Paintings, Drawings, Graphics and Photography
      • No spray painting allowed in your booth during market. Be mindful of your neighbors- overspray and fumes can drift far in a crowded area.
      • No photomechanical reproduction. You may NOT sell notecards, posters, T-shirts, etc.
      • Giclee and Iris prints are only allowed in the Photography and Computer Graphics Divisions only.
      • Photography and Print-making editions must be 25 or less.
    • Mannequins and dress forms are allowed for display of your wearable garments but may not exceed 6’3” in height. SWAIA is not responsible for any damage to the stand and may decide if it’s inclusion for display is reasonable. SWAIA reserves the right to not include the stand for display.

SWAIA reserves the right to determine in what classification and division your entry piece should reside and compete. The awards program is a prestigious opportunity to gain recognition from your peers, collectors, experts etc. Our judges and classification managers are experts in their respective fields and will determine the appropriate place in which your piece will compete. You may enter up to three (3) pieces this year for competition!

Receiving is Wednesday August 14th from 1pm to 7pm at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center. If someone is submitting work for you, you must include a signed letter giving permission to that person.

Please give us a call if you have any further questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!