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2014 Live Auction Gala

These are from the 2014 Live Auction Gala. Click here for information about the 2015 Live Auction Gala.

The Santa Fe Indian Market Live Auction Gala is unlike any other event during the Santa Fe Indian Market. In spite of the ubiquity of other Native arts auctions, there is simply no other event in the Native arts world that compares to the Live Auction Gala. Like the Indian Market itself, the Gala is the one time and place during the year where the world's greatest Native artwork and the most discerning collectors meet. Add the beauty, impeccable food and service from the La Fonda on the Plaza, and the glamour of Indian Market comes alive.

The evening begins with drinks and nosh on the hotel's outdoor patio, La Terrazza, where friends and acquaintances reunite to share stories on their day's purchases while doting on silent auction items. Then downstairs for a fabulous meal in the company of the Gala's honored guests: the artwork. There is no telling what will happen at the Gala, but the fun and memories are guaranteed.

Apache Gan Dancer

Vincent Kaydahzinne
Mescalero/Chiricahua Apache


Dominique Toya and Nancy Youngblood
Jemez/Santa Clara

Bear Paw Medicine

Mateo Romero
Cochiti Pueblo

Black Pottery with Turquoise

Dora Tse Pe
San Ildefonso Pueblo

Dress Rain Parka (Miniature)

Glenda McKay

Everyone Loves Surprises

Kathleen Wall
Jemez Pueblo

Floral Jar

Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano
Cochiti Pueblo/Santa Domingo Pueblo

Flower Necklace

Maria Samora
Taos Pueblo

Full Moon Ghost Dog

Nocona Burgess

Jesse Monongya Ranger Set

Jesse Monongya

Jesse Monongya Ranger Set buckle

Jesse Monongya

Little Elk-Pine Ridge

Angela Babby
Oglala Lakota

Living in Color

Benjamin Harjo Jr.

Many Cattles Shield

William B. Franklin

Okuma Case for Women's Inspirational Belt

Jamie Ouma


James Ebelacker
Santa Clara Pueblo

Reversible Wire Form Bracelet

Duane Maktima

Shalak Taka Katsina

Gerry Quotskuvya

SWAIA Is Awesome

Susan Folwell
Santa Clara Pueblo

The Calm Before the Storm

Marla Allison
Laguna Pueblo


Sheldon Harvey

Upton Greyshoes Ethelbah

Upton Greyshoes Ethelbah