SWAIA & the Clark Hulings Fund Create Virtual Indian Market

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New Mexico arts leaders respond to cancellations— create new platforms for Native artists

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—May 7, 2020; Santa Fe, NM: Santa Fe Indian Market and the Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) are pleased to announce a significant collaboration aimed at providing opportunities for Native artists to showcase and sell artwork amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The like-minded organizations, both based in New Mexico, are jointly committed to providing artists with the training and support they need to be economically successful. SWAIA’s mission, in addition to producing the Santa Fe Indian Market, is creating economic and cultural opportunities for Native American and First Nations artists. 

“The partnership with the Clark Hulings Fund arrives at a moment when SWAIA is approaching our centennial year—establishing new methods of assisting Native artists and preparing them for success in the next 100 years. We are fortunate to receive the expertise of the Clark Hulings Fund, which offers extensive art-business programming to communities,” said SWAIA’s Executive Director Kim Peone.

In addition to aiding individual Native artists, the affiliation will increase SWAIA’s organizational capacity, providing greater support and year-round economic opportunities to Native artists. This August, Indian Market’s awards program and other beloved events will be transitioned to a virtual platform. Audiences and collectors will have the opportunity to participate online at the world’s largest and most prestigious juried Native art market. The virtual platform will also accommodate more artists than the physical Market which is constrained by limited space in downtown Santa Fe. Therefore, artists who were juried in in 2020 but on the waitlist for a booth, will have the chance to participate.

“With many summer art markets cancelled, we are thrilled to create a virtual Indian Market.  The hundreds of artists who participate will not face an economic catastrophe on the heels of a medical one. Now, thanks to the work we are undertaking with SWAIA, artists will be able to showcase and sell their work virtually.

Beyond the emergency response, our collaboration also affords the Clark Hulings Fund the occasion to help Indian Market artists—and SWAIA as an organization— develop healthier, more sustainable business models. With our help, Native small businesses will be positioned to thrive over the long-term, economically and artistically. It feels good to be able to step up and deliver valuable assistance at this moment,” said Elizabeth Hulings, Executive Director of the Clark Hulings Fund.

Specific event details and programming will be posted to the SWAIA website (www.swaia.org) as they are available.

Media Contacts:

Amanda Crocker: 505.982.4526 acrocker@swaia.org (SWAIA PR/Marketing Director)
Audrey Rubinstein: 505.466.6992 audrey@themettaagency.com (Consultant Publicist)

About SWAIA: 
The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts (SWAIA) is a non-profit organization supporting Native American arts and culture. It creates economic and cultural opportunities for Native American artists by producing and promoting the Santa Fe Indian Market, the biggest and most prestigious Indian art event in the world since 1922; cultivating excellence and innovation across traditional and non-traditional art forms; and developing programs and events that support, promote, and honor Native artists year-round. swaia.org

About the Clark Hulings Fund: The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists (CHF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the legacy of American painter Clark Hulings (1922 – 2011) by equipping working visual artists to be self-sustaining entrepreneurs. Founded in 2013, CHF showcases Hulings’ life and work as an example to today’s artists and offers them a comprehensive art-business education so that they can thrive as he did. We deliver a suite of integrated learning services continually, both virtually and in-person, via live events, digital channels and portable media formats to build professional networks of opportunity.

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