In the Artist's World

In the studio of Waawaaskonenhens

Where pride in art and heritage meet; meet Sharon Trudeau!

Connecting Tradition & Innovation

Darby Raymond-Overstreet: Diné Digital Artist & Printmaker

Christy Ruby

A designer from Ketchikan AK who specializes in sea otter fur and seal skin apparel.

“August in Santa Fe: A Time of Hope”

Yellowman gives a message of hope and resilience.


Theresa Secord: Penobscot Basket Maker

Theresa talks about ash, sweetgrass, the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance, and tradition.

Welcome to Chinook Studios

A tour of Karma Henry's workspace

In the Studio with Holly Wilson

This multi-media artist creates figures which serve as her storytellers to the world, conveying stories of the sacred and the precious, capturing moments of our day, our vulnerabilities.

Kim Peone in Conversation with Cody Sanderson

SWAIA's ED tours Cody Sanderson's studio to learn about his process and inspiration.

Osavio Crespin

"Keeping it Real"

Venaya Yazzie: A Multi-Talented Artist

Enjoy learning about her work and where she finds her inspiration.


In the Studio with Manuel Weahkee

Find out how this Zuni fetish carver does his masterful work.


Sophia Good: “Nan ch ‘uw’nu stl’i’~I Love You/I Hold You Dear”

Watch the entire collection showcase from Vancouver Fashion Week in October 2019.


Get to Know Peterson Yazzie

Works from a versatile contemporary Dineh artist.

Tim Blueflint Talks about Art and the Native American Flute

Tim Blueflint discusses candidly his art and the Native American flutes that he utilizes as his canvas.

Joshua Hinson: Duck Decoys

Where Chickasaw form meets duck hunting function.

Karen Clarkson: “Today’s Native Women”

Painter Karen Clarkson paints the strength and resilience of Native women.

Sheridan Macknight: “Renewal”

Painter and jewelry maker Sheridan Macknight and the inspiration for her latest works.


Al Qoyawayma, John Herrington, and the “Space Pot”

How a Hopi pot ended up in space.


Meet Madeline Naranjo

Santa Clara potter Madeline Naranjo talk about her journey and inspiration.


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