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Coffee with Kim and Karen Savage-blue

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Coffee with Kim and Jason Parrish


The Art Dealer Diaries by Mark Sublette: Kathleen Wall


Art and Activism: the Native American Rights Fund

A discussion led by Don Ragona and Dallin Maybee of NARF.

The Native American Rights Fund (NARF) is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide. Known as the premiere Indian Legal Defense Fund in the country, NARF plays a critical role in defending tribal and individual rights, as well as functioning as the premiere thought leader in federal, state, and tribal law and policy.


Meet the Snotty Nose Rez Kids on Coffee with Kim!


SAR Artists Live on Instagram with Adrian Wall

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Coffee with Kim and Madeline Naranjo


SAR Artists Live on Instagram with Marlowe Katoney

Sarah Lenz Lock

AARP Presents: “Music on Our Minds: A Powerful Way to Stimulate Your Brain” Webinar

Join AARP NM and Sarah Lentz Lock, Senior Vice President, Policy & Brain Health / Policy, Research and International / AARP Executive Director, Global Council on Brain Health for “Music on Our Minds: A Powerful Way to Stimulate Your Brain.”

Incorporate music in your life. Join us for the results of the latest Global Council on Brain Health’s report on music. We will providing the latest evidence of music’s potential effect on brain health and mental well-being, along with AARP’s latest research on adults’ 18+ attitudes and engagement with music and their self-reported brain health. These findings provide just-in-time information for adults to use as they aim to support their health and wellness during the coronavirus pandemic.


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About Artspan

Artspan's contribution to the market is enormous. Every participating artist is offered a website in Artspan's market ecosystem and education to support making it superb. Check out the Artspan/SWAIA Marketplace.

25,000 and Counting

Twenty five thousand people (in just the first week) visited the 2020 Indian Market - "The Virtual Edition". Your response to the month-long event is tremendous!

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