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NEW FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM: “Artists Helping Artists”

June 18, 2020

With the cancellation of the physical Santa Fe Indian Market in 2020 due to COVID, SWAIA has pivoted to meet the needs of Native artists by presenting a VIRTUAL MARKET. This platform will include e-commerce sites for artists and programming throughout the month of August to drive visitors back to the site again and again.

A big component of the virtual Market will be ARTIST PROVIDED CONTENT. We are eager to give artists who have opted in a platform to show off their studios, their process, and their insights. There are many artists who do not have the capacity to create this content or need help in doing so. 

Therefore, the 2020 Fellowship program will revolve around ARTISTS HELPING ARTISTS!

If you are a photographer, filmmaker or multimedia professional (or amateur with great skills and ideas!), please apply for an ARTIST HELPING ARTISTS (AHA!) fellowship. Each of 4 recipients will receive $1,200 to assist a minimum of 6 Virtual Indian Market artists with telling their story in a way that will translate to a virtual platform. A “story” could be a 10-minute filmed interview, a series of photos highlighting an artist’s process, a session to photograph their work to be used on their e-commerce sites, or something we have not thought of!

Due to social distancing, out-of-the-box thinking is needed! Examples of what you could do are:

  • Interview a Virtual Indian Market (VIM) artist (in your community or nearby) in a setting that maintains social distancing;
  • Coach a VIM artist on how to take their own footage, and then work with them virtually to edit it and add voice over, creating a 10-minute film;
  • Invite a VIM artist to bring their work by a “kiosk” you have created to photograph their pieces. 

Fellowship winners may also apply as teams (a photographer and an editor for example.) If you join your talents, you could each be awarded $1,200, but will need to help a total of 12 VIM artists altogether. 

This is BRAND NEW so please be creative with your thinking! The goal is to help as many artists as we can and provide funding to help in doing so. 

As an “AHA” Fellow, you will be credited for any content you produce, as well as be mentioned on the SWAIA website during the month of August, with an acknowledgement and thank you for work to serve fellow artists.

Please complete and return the application (link at end) by JUNE 30, 2020. Projects will be completed in July, for an AUGUST 1st Virtual Indian Market Kick-Off!


SWAIA AHA fellowships are only available to enrolled members or of a U.S. or Canadian Federally recognized tribe/Alaskan Corporation. Applicants must be 18 years old or older.

Questions? Contact Amanda Crocker: