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a monthly performance series

This amazing show will consist of a multitude of genres; bluegrass, EDM, cinematic movie music, Rock’n Roll covers, heavy metal, and classics such as “Dust in the Wind”, “Last of the Mohicans”, and “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”.

Meet Sage Cornelius

Sage Cornelius is a multi-instrumentalist Native American musician from Topeka, Kansas. Sage grew up learning to play honky tonk/Irish fiddle style privately whilst also learning classical style violin in his early years at school. Sage continued on and picked up guitar later in high school and attributes much of his playing style to the shredding guitar greats. Combining all of these influences, various effect pedals and the help of a 7 string Flying V electric violin, Sage ensures a much more livelier and different kind of violin concert you haven’t seen before. Some of his main musical influences include Charlie Daniels, Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Tom Morello, and Dimebag Darrell. Sage hopes to bring a lively one of a kind performance, whether it be bluegrass fiddle tunes, hip hop classics, or rippin’ hard rockin’ jams, there will be something for everyone at the show.



Every month at the Santa Fe Playhouse, two Santa Fe non-profit organizations come together to give you a monthly showcase of local, regional, and national indigenous performing talent.

Curated by Goiyo Perez, Performing Arts Coordinator of SWAIA. This program is a monthly installation, on the last Monday of the month on the stage of the Santa Fe Playhouse.

Every installation will focus on a different Indigenous performing artist be they musicians, dancers, poets etc. We hope to pair the performing art with a lobby installation featuring a visual artist.

A collaboration between Santa Fe Playhouse and SWAIA, who happen to share a birth year of 1922!