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Artspan Artist Websites Virtual Hubs for a Virtual Market

A great looking website with world-class e-commerce with automatic promotion in a digital art marketplace is what we call a ‘unicorn’. You can usually find one or two of those things, but not all-in-one. Every booth artist in the 2020 Market has been offered a year of access to the Artspan marketplace and an Artspan website with which to sell their art in a smooth e-commerce environment.

How it Works

ARTSPAN offers SWAIA artists individual customizable websites. Each artist builds a site that reflects their brand, conveys their message and displays their work to a vast online audience. The website belongs to and is controlled by the artist. It will exist online for a year, and can be renewed annually.ARTSPAN has leveraged the power of their own platform to create an entire marketplace especially for SWAIA artists, featuring work from every artist who builds on ARTSPAN. This marketplace complements the SWAIA directory, while driving additional web traffic from visitors who are new to experiencing and purchasing Native art.

Leveraging Simplicity

ARTSPAN’S websites are template-based, so that artists can drag and drop images and complete written information to create their site without a high level of technical knowledge. On-site tutorials and a simple, intuitive dashboard enable the artist to easily build a professional-looking and completely functional website.ARTSPAN gives every artist the ability to sell directly from their website with ecommerce functionality. They can set prices, determine shipping costs, manage sales tax and build their own terms and policies right into their site, ensuring that shoppers can confidently go through the purchase process. There is no sales commission whatsoever charged to the artist.

Extending Opportunities

2D artists can use ARTSPAN’s print-on-demand capability to sell prints of their work in a variety of sizes and formats, and even includes mat and frame options. This can exponentially increase the artist’s product offering in a broad price range that appeals to a wider collector base.Other important features built into ARTSPAN’s website package include marketing capabilities. The “live preview” tool enables site visitors to see a work of art at scale in their own space, personalizing the shopping experience. Artists can post to social media directly from their site, gather names and emails of potential collectors, and send promotional emails directly to prospects from their website dashboard.