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Adrian Pinnecoose

Adrian Standing Elk Pinnecoose

Chaotic Resilience

Navajo Nation


PLZ 15

My name is Adrian Standing-Elk Pinnecoose, and I am a 35-year-old Navajo/Southern Ute male who graduated from UNM. I have a bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Master of Science in Architecture. As a contemporary artist, I am known for producing innovative pieces that explore and push forward the limits of computer-generated design. My culture, my identity, my values are intertwined into the fabrication of my art to begin the conversation of opening doors for the next generation of Indigenous artists. I am simultaneously looking back to the past and forward to the future in order to highlight the qualitative aspect of my heritage and weave those meanings into my designs. Though static, my pieces become fluid, able to transcend the bounds of time and place. My art supports the thesis that expression cannot be limited to the definition of what one may call “traditional process,” but to push forward toward what the future holds for the Indigenous art-based community.