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Amanda Wilson

Weryackwe Tie Co. By Amanda Wilson

Purple and Blues, Too Cool

Comanche Nation


Contemporary Neck Tie Fashion! Each Tie is completely handmade from scratch. I use quality materials including 8-band/10-band wool broadcloth. Size 10 seed beads in various colors. Also each Tie is embellished with metal spots in silver, gold, brass, or black. The broadcloth material is used for the background and the neckline. The bands of the broadcloth are used at the top of the Tie in the neckline. Beadwork is add throughout the Tie along with the metal spots. Each tie is edged in matching bias. Finally I add beadwork to edge the bottom and embellish the top of every Tie. I use a Singer sewing machine (Quantum Stylist) from start to finish. I hand stitch all of the beadwork on and fasten all of the metal spots by hand. Each Tie is custom and unique to each order, I currently have 25 different designs. Between the design colors the threadwork and beadwork, the color choices are endless. Weryackwe Tie Co. has created Ties for all occasions. From weddings to tribal lawyers.