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Antonio Mace

Grey Wolf

Navajo Nation


FR S 334

I do scratchboard art. Animal portraits on ampersand board. All black and white portrait art. I use scratchboard tools, such as xacto knives or fiber glass brushes and scratchboard tools kit. I outline with a pencil first and use a resource picture and once that is complete, I start to scratch off the ampersand using tools described above. I do this at a slow and steady pace, for I cannot erase or paint over the board. Cause once I’m complete I use a clear coat to protect the art. And if I use paint to touch up, the clear coat well expose the spots. So this art form usually takes a few hours to complete. I am very detailed and it takes a steady hand and a controlled hand to be detailed as much as possible. All boards are usually 5x5 inch or bigger. Nothing bigger than 12inches.