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Benina Abeyta

Basket Dreams

Pueblo of Jemez


SFT W 523

I use clay from Jemez Pueblo, NM to create my pottery. I also use temper to mix with my clay. I use a fine mesh to clean the clay and temper before I mix them together. I also use sandpaper, ice picks, gourd scrapers, art knives, polishing/burnishing stones, sponges, paints, paint brushes, and an electric kiln, and wood for outdoor firing. I use the traditional coil method to create my pottery. Once the pottery has dried, I use a sandpaper to smooth the pieces. Once the piece is smooth to my preference, I use clay slips from Jemez Pueblo. I use paint brushes to apply the slips and I use a burnishing/polishing stone to create a shine to the pieces. The final step is either a kiln firing or outdoor firing.