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Bill Mendoza

The Matriarch - Women's Veterans' Auxiliary Moccasin

Oglala Sioux Tribe


The artist is a creator of high-quality porcupine quill embroidery, and strives to create artwork that exemplifies the proud tradition represented in northern plains quillwork. The artist works to create synergy between historical and contemporary Indigenous experience. The incorporation of diverse materials is the artist's acknowledgment of the dynamic legacy of Indigenous creation and expression. Important to the artist is the careful selection of materials that are historically accurate and high-quality. The artist has worked for over 20 years to master over 14 different techniques of quillwork, and utilizes brain-tanned hide, hand preparation of porcupine quills, rawide creation, and feather manipulation. The artist utilizes these materials, as well as procures them by hand. The artist also draws inspiration from other diverse embroidery medium by incorporating vintage or historically accurate accouterments such as metal thread, metal findings, and synthetic materials.