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Calandra Cook

Calandra L. Cook

The Feather of Happiness

Navajo Nation


PLZ 55

My Navajo traditional beliefs and family upbringing has been my biggest inspiration in my art. I am honored to have a gift that allows me to articulate a narrative about the concepts of beauty, order, and harmony. My fascination with blue birds and hummingbirds are often woven in my art which symbolizes joy, happiness, and prosperity. They bring beauty to the world and signify restoration of harmony and balance. These spirit animals help guide me to peace and to a journey of self-expression. My primary mediums are natural hand dyed wool. As a dye colorist, I seek to create the ever-changing gradations of color, weaving and blending fibers, color tones and textures. My art embodies traditional Navajo influences, and this amazing spiritual journey of self-expression has limitless opportunities.