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Carrie Martin

Naja Corn Husk Hoops

Navajo Nation


PLZ 54

Materials: Corn husks, corn kernels, sterling silver, copper (some reclaimed), bronze, turquoise (some reclaimed), glass beads, paints, ribbons, reclaimed vintage shells. Techniques: Washing, hand dying, drying, curling, molding, braiding three or four strands, beading, bead edging, wire wrapping, pyrographing, painting, hole punching, threading ribbons, fire/flame patina for color effect on metals, cutting, gluing, drilling, hammering, annealing, texturing, cold connections, stamping, antique finish, bristle & hand polishing, pliability finish. Materials: sterling silver, copper, bronze, various cabochon turquoise stones, various vintage or reclaimed shells, turquoise beads/stones, various corn kernels and corn husks. Techniques: cutting (saw, disc cutter, shears), forging, annealing, soldering, cold connections, stamping, texturing (rolling mill, hammering), wire braiding, wire wrapping, antique finish, bristle polishing and hand polishing to matte, satin and/or bright shine.