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Daniel Vallo

Dan Vallo

Fall Bounty

Pueblo of Acoma


I use flint, obsidian, jasper, Turquoise to make flintknapped arrowheads, knives, tomahawks, bow & arrows, and jewlery, also combine natural clay pottery to display my art. I am a self taught Modern FlintKnapper. The Art of Flintknapping is one of the oldest forms of usable art. I use all natural materials such as river rock and antler to precisely chip and shape all my stone tools and arrowheads, I use deer antler as handles along with wood, and cholla Cactus , and leg bones and jaw bones, the uniqueness of my art sets it apart from most diverse art forms. The overwhelming response to what I create was evident last year when before noon on Sunday I sold out of all my creations. I demonstrate and teach what i know to anyone who shows an interest and am proudly teaching my grandkids my knowledge. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved.