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Debra Duwyenie

Oak and Reed Studio

Morning Hummingbirds

Pueblo of Santa Clara


I use native earth clay from my village of Santa Clara Pueblo. It is screened and mixed with volcanic white ash which is also found on the reservation or from neighboring Pueblos. This mixture is soaked and screened. Once the clay is pliable, pots can then be formed. After the pots are made and left to dry completely, they are then sanded. A native red clay slip is applied to the pot and using a smooth stone the slip is polished onto the pot. The next step is the designing. I use a sharp tool also known as a scribe to put the design on the pot. Using the same tool I carve into the pot exposing the base clay and leaving the imagery for the design. Some areas of the imagery are lightly shaded in using a dull tool, that gives it the pinkish look. Final step is to do a traditional firing outdoors using wood.