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Delores Juanico

Delores M. Juanico

Pre-20th Century Deer Pot

Pueblo of Acoma


I do traditional Acoma pottery all made using traditional methods and traditional clay and paints. The clay I use is mined in Acoma and goes through a cleaning process, while soaked dried then ground. Ground pottery sherds are added as temper. My orange and red paints consist of sands mined in Acoma that are soaked and colors pulled through the process, as well as hematite with wild bee plant i make for the blackish/brown color. Pots are made using either pinch pot method for miniatures, or coiling for larger pots, using gourd, wooden tools to shape. Firing is completed using cow manure. My designs are all pre-20th style water jars that of older Acoma made pots, in effort to retain culture true of Acoma Matriarchy.