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Florence Francis

Tulip Repousse Earrings

Navajo Nation


LIN W 760

I primarily use the repousse technique to create my art. This technique gives the art I create an aged classic antique characteristic. Although it's a difficult technique when done all by hand, I enjoy the finished art. When finishing my pieces I like to keep a lot of patina on my art to give it the antique appearance. There is a certain group of people who love this style of work and when they see my art it draws them in. Large earrings are my specialty and it is possible by using a thinner gauge of sterling silver. I use a variety of natural turquoise as well as a variety of natural gems, such as amethyst, blue topaz, blue lace agate, aventurine, moonstone, aquamarine, and blue chalcedony, In addition, I have utilized Ethiopian opals, gaspeite, tourmaline, peridot and others. In addition to earrings, I have made jewelry using the repousse and handwrought processes to make pendants, cuffs and necklaces.