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Gary Custer

Arrowhead Concho Belt

Navajo Nation


FR S 310

The technique to create my artwork is mainly sterling silver tufa cast work, cabochons, and findings. The process starts with Carving images into two Tufa stone pieces with a reverse design, then matted with another piece of flat tufa stone. The stones are then cured or heated then tied together and stood up in a vertical position. The silver is melted in a crucible to a liquid form of 1475 Freiheit. After the silver is melted in the crucible is then poured into a channel on top of the two pieces of Tufa stone tied together, Then the two pieces of Tufa stones or then taken apart to reveal a positive silver image which is still very hot. the slag is then cut off and deburred. Then the process of filing grinding and doing the lapidary work aside from the silver piece is then done. A process of buffing and polishing is then put onto the silver piece for the final process.