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Ishkoten Dougi

Mr. Fox

Navajo Nation


LIN W 740

I use a mix of mediums to create my 2-D creations including acrylic, oil pastels, inks, prisma color pencils, 23Karat gold leaf, on canvas and printmaking paper plus alternative surfaces such as scratch board aka clay board, vinyl records. Techniques include hand painted, etching, surface treatment (varnish/glaze). Utah alabaster comes in a variety of colors that I can choose from to carve images that reflect my indigenous heritage. I use hand tools that includes chisels, saws, mallets, sand paper, and various woods to base the sculptures I create. In my latest works I am deconstructing the face to reflect our missing and murdered Indigenous peoples also experimenting with typography on the surface of the stone to bring to light issues that are hidden under the surface of Indigenous issues.