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Jazmin Novak

Drifting Away

Navajo Nation


SFT P 526

I use various materials in my work but recently focused on the lost wax casting process for metal and glass. I begin with a clay sculpture made of either oil or water-based clay. From this sculpture, I will create a silicone mold. Once the mold is completed, I will make wax and prepare the wax for casting. This includes repairing flaws and installing vents and gates to let air leave and metal or glass enter the piece. Next, I'll prepare the sculpture for casting once the wax is finished. This varies depending on the media. I use a ceramic shell for metal, and for glass, I use a plaster and silica investment mix. Once everything is in place, I will burn away the wax, leaving a hollow gap in the investment, which will be filled with glass and fired in a kiln, or I will pour bronze into the shell. After the casting is finished, I'll polish up any flaws, weld any parts together, and flatten the bottoms. Once this is completed, I will finish the piece and patina the metals.