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Jeff Suina


Pueblo of Cochiti


LIN W 758

My clay pieces have been called futuristic in part because of their unconventional form especially in relation to traditional Pueblo pottery. But like my ancestors, I am inspired by what I see and find in nature. More specifically, I am drawn to 3d polygonal shapes and geometries that make up the basic structure of all objects in nature. Technology has allowed me to contribute to the paradigm shift in the way that the tradition of Pueblo pottery making has carried over to another generation. Ironically enough, as these unique shapes are inspired by technology and math, I use the very same materials and processes used by my forefathers to create these new forms. Ultimately, I would like to think that my work reaffirms the worldview of my ancestors. Like them, I also believe that I am in conversation with the clay and that my craft connects me to previous generations of pottery makers.