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Judith Judware

Blue Jay

Tuscarora Nation


PAL N 240

For my beadwork, I bead on silk rayon velvets as the base. I use printed cotton fabrics for the backing and the lining. Satin or cotton biased tape surrounds the edges. All glass beads were used on the pieces. Size 8 glass beads and some old time beads were used to make the fringe. Other small flowers boast the 4mm Austrian crystal beads. Porcupine quills and sweetgrass were incorporated to add texture to the woodland scenes. Simple flat and traditional Tuscarora raised beadwork are seen on all the pieces. The rope stich is used as a decorative outline and it forms the limbs and branches. The leaf stitch is used to bead leaves and flowers. Other flowers are created by using the bird's nest technique. The whip stitch is used around the edging on top of the binding, connecting the different pieces of materials. Fringe is applied on the bottom of the pieces as distinctive edging and are in the middle of some flowers.