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Kandis Quam

Sunset Messengers

Zuni Tribe of the Zuni Reservation


PLZ 08

I am Kandis Quam (Navajo/Zuni Pueblo). I’m a modern-day painter, and through my art, I revitalize the essence of Zuni Culture by integrating various styles ranging from Abstraction, Color Field, Symbolism, and Painterly. My preferred range of subject matter is specifically inspired by Zuni Culture, for example, Animals, Insects, Pottery Designs, Sacred Colors, Embroidery, and Petroglyphs. I aim to express the spirit of the religious beliefs and teachings of the Zuni People through my art. The colors I prefer to use are flat and two-dimensional yet intense; fiery reds, electric yellows, bright turquoise, vibrant greens, and striking blacks. These fundamental colors were widely used by our Ancestors who had an understanding, which is awe to behold past and present.