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Karen Box Anderson

Sterling Silver Chain Pendant with Dinosaur Bone & Turquoise

Southern Ute Indian Tribe of the Southern Ute Reservation


Sterling Silver, Fine silver sheet, wire & tubing for jewelry. Roller miller; wire, transferring texture to silver. Planisher flattening, saw, templates, hammers, stamps, scribes, flex shafts, Arbe/Foredom, tumbler to work harden/clean up rough spots, pen & paper to draw designs. Solder (hard,med,easy/extra easy) & flux. I buy calibrated cabochons/stones or make my own stones; using a trim saw, cut slaps & shape on Cab king/polish the stones w/polishing compounds. Draw design, anneal, texture. Bezel stones solder, quench, pickle, rinse. Solder to backplate (QPR). Saw design, clean up rough spots add bail, ear post/wire (easy solder) add/solder hallmark, (QPR). Pre-polish, clean w/dish soap, rinse & dry. Set stones, final polish, clean w/dish soap, rinse/dry. Chain cut wire, solder links w/easy solder, tumble & take rough spots off. I may start straying from my initial design & create something new or totally different. I document what I just made for my records.