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Larry Yazzie

Sacred Fire

Navajo Nation


LIN W 773

I use many different types of stone. The stones are alabaster, marble, steatite, limestone, onyx, and granite. I use grinders, air hammers, and some hand tools such as rasps, hammers, chisels.Some of the stones I buy as large slabs weighing upto 1000 pounds. I use a cutoff saw with a diamond blade to cut and split some of these large stones. The beginning of the process requires cleaning the entire stone. Once I've cleaned the stone I decide what to make from the shape of the stone. Once I've created the sculpture I continue to sand with rough sandpaper and then proceed to finish with wet sanding. When I'm finish wet sanding I apply a liquid wax and then polish with a buffing wheel. I don't plan or do any sketches prior to working. Everything I create is spontaneous. I prefer to let the stone dictate what it wants to become. After sculpting 38 years I've come to believe that art is spiritual. Their is a spirit in every stone and it allows me to work with it.