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LeJeune Chavez

Reimagined Kewa Thunderbird Necklace in all Beadwork

Santo Domingo Pueblo

LIN W 743

I am a self taught beadwork artist who loves designing and creating unique beadwork. Each tiny bead is hand sewn one bead at a time onto leather. I am a self taught artist who works in metal work, beadwork and inlay jewelry. I have a unique style in which I call my signature "beads on silver" pieces. This is a combination of my beadwork and silverwork combined together. I have collectors who look forward to wearing my one of a kind creations. I design and create inlayed and silver jewelry with more emphasis on my ancestral homelands and knowledge passed down about Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde. I do lapidary stonework and inlay on my silver jewelry. I love designing and creating unique jewelry and feel I am keeping my ancestors memory alive by doing so. My work is displayed at various galleries and museums and I am humble to say I have won many awards and ribbons.