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Lorraine Cate

Turquoise Are a Girls Best Friend!

Santo Domingo Pueblo


FR S 302

All my work is done from scratch to finish. Those who have an eye for Heishi jewelry always notice that I utilize baby olive shells and the thinner parts of the melon shells, most of the time I cut my materials thin also known as wafer cut which makes my work more time consuming breaking/nipping and drilling each piece one at a time. I make sure the strands of beads are precise top to center while grinding and sanding. I enjoy carving my turquoise and do my best to keep them as much as I can in their organic shapes. Because sleeping beauty is thin/flat I carved them into leaves, All my work reflect towards nature, The Natural Kingman Arizona Turquoise were pebbles at first, I also invidually shaped one at a time trying to not have so much loss on the material itself.