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Marcus Coochwikvia

Bear Earrings

Hopi Tribe


LIN W 764

Using a bracelet as an example. A bracelet is made from a 16 gage, 18 gage sometimes 20 gage silver. I first draw the design on the 16g silver, then make holes on the 18g silver where I want to cut the silver. I then cut out the design on the 16g. After that I solder the 16g onto the 18g silver. I then matted (using a mallet and small metal tool to make tiny marks) in the open areas of design. Then cut the excess silver around the bracelet, then using a mallet and metal tube to form the bracelet. Next I put the bracelet in liver of sulfur which makes the bracelet turn black. Next I sand the top of the bracelet which leaves the black in the design. Then buff and brush the inside and outside of the bracelet. Next step I wash the bracelet in ammonia to take the buffing compound off. Last step is to either high polish or satin finish the bracelet which brings out the design. The method I use is called Hopi Over-lay.