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Mariam Toya

Camilla Mariam Toya

Red Melon Swirl with Kiva Lid

Pueblo of Jemez


PAL N 256

I use Jemez clay and Jemez white temper to mix my clay. Using a coil method, I create my pots and vases. I melon my pots and vases with a tool by eye balling each rib. I create lids such as butterfly, dragonflies, and other shapes on top of my pots and vases. Using sand paper, I sand my pieces and make the ribs round by sanding each rib individually. I use clay slips to paint and stone polish my pots, vases and lids. The final step is firing my pottery outdoors. We have a box shaped box out of old roofing tin and place cedar wood all around the box and allow the cedar wood to completely burn.