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Nelda Schrupp

Tatanka in Flowers

Pheasant Rump Nakota First Nation


PAL S 219

Unlike most jewelry-makers, the focal point for her pieces is the metal, not the jewels or stones. She cuts out matching shapes, often geometric, and solders them together to create a hollow. But before closing the space, she places beads inside that consist of melted down scrap metal. The bead size has a significant effect on the sound emitted from each rattle. She has been letting her artwork lead the way since she discovered her talent during her college years. During an interview with her in Season 13 of Prairie Public’s Prairie Pulse program in 2015, she explained that she begins each project with a thumbnail sketch, but it often does not match the end result. She said, “the piece takes on a life of its own and I just follow it.” All the elements on her art pieces have meaning and special significance as they relate to Native culture. She said she loves to educate admirers of her work as a way to pass down culture. Red and yellow, represent physical and spiritual. Cotton cloth, satin ribbon, polyester lace, elastic waist, ricrac. One size fit most. Length is 32-36 inches.