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Osamuskwasis Roan

Waspison (moss bag)

Mohawks of Kahnawa:ke


CAT W 910

When creating my artwork i like to use sourced materials from my homelands such as brain tanned deer hides, elk hides, porcupine quills, natural caribou hair, dyed caribou hair, sinews, and birch bark. The Techniques i use are beading and using the 2 needle method, i bead traditional cree florals and geometric designs that are inspired by nature, our way of life, and our culture, its important for me to keep these traditions alive and to keep practicing the art forms daily. When creating quillwork the techniques i use are fold and weaving techniques. I like to play with different patterns and colours to create different pieces. I use many different techniques when beading different projects. It’s important to me to try new techniques and to strengthen my skills.