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Patricia Micahels

Mica Blue Dress Series II

Pueblo of Taos


As a designer of 40 years I want to continue building my collaborations, knowledge and experiences, some of which will be on my Native property in beautiful Taos Pueblo lands. I recently built a little home with my family members using our traditional Adobe structure. All the materials of mud, water and vigas/wood were gathered from our sacred mountains. I enjoy working with Native communities all over the Untided States, and in Canada because there is a trust when it comes to sharing conversations. It is easier and heightened connections on various levels becomes so strong I value these moments. I also encourage working with non-Native communities so they will enrich their understanding and learn of who we are in our Native American Heritage. We are the "First Americans" and each of our communities are portals to the knowledge of nature, foods, songs, dances, ceremonies, storytelling, textiles and clothing. I try to keep current, even in ceremonies we are always learning.