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Readda Begay

Half Cluster Coin Ring

Navajo Nation


SFT E 530

High grade Sonoran gold turquoise w/twisted wire plain bezel 26 gauge 3/16 12 pieces silver star shots sterling silver heavy gauge half round. Solder cuff shank together bend solder middle stone bezel first with twisted wire then go back and fourth left to right belzels and the last one to solder are on the star shots oxidize steel wool set the stones Natural Kingman turquoise sterling silver 24 guage turquoise silver drops 1/2 round ring shank 24 guage sterling silver 24 square turquoise stones with bezel and silver drops in between soldered ring shank on the back oxidize silver steel wool with ring and polished it set all the turquoise. High grade sonoran gold naural turquoise round bead star shots nickle silver coin 3/16 plain 26 gauge silver 24 gauge sterling silver soldered bezel for coin first then rd bead silver then the rest of the bezels for 7 stones around the coin addred rd bead silver and star shots added adjustable ring shank at the end oxidized ring steel wool set stones