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Roger Broer


Oglala Sioux Tribe


PAL N 232

Although direct oil painting is a preference, I was introduced to the monotype in the 1980s and found that this process complimented my rapid creative thinking process. Since there was no access to a press near my studio, I developed a modified version of the monotype to suit my needs using oil paint, working in reverse on plexi-gass using a brayer and rubber eraser, then transferring the image to paper using several specially made hand burnishing tools. I can then go back into the piece with oil pastel, graphite, or colored pencil. During 2022 I have been able to produce a body of oil paintings as well as monotypes. I usually begin a piece with a title that hints at the subject. I leave room so that viewers can use their imaginations and tell the story they bring to the experience of seeing my work.