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Salisha Old Bull

The Roses We Know

Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation


CAT W 912

I am motivated by Indigenous, place-based knowledge of the tribes I come from (Salish/Crow). I create flat-stitch, two-needle, contour beadwork with Czech/glass seed beads. Work is constructed with brain-tanned deer hides, stabilizer, fabric and leather. Other materials used in adornment include nylon thread, brass tacks/beads, wood. My work is inspired by oral histories and the land. I feel that creating work that depicts imagery representing my cultural heritage creates empowerment for cultural revitalization and continuity. I create beadwork and regalia with traditional resources that include: two-needle beadwork, brain-tanned deer hide, wood, wool, brass tacks/beads, Czech seed beads, crystal beads, and shells. I construct the items with wood, nylon thread, and stabilizer. These items are inspired by my Bitterroot Salish and Crow tribal cultural heritage. I am inspired by the land and the values that create a sense of self-identity.