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Summer Peters

Summer Fairchild Yahbay

Wiisaak Kokobinaganaan

Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan


I am known for making very intricate pieces but I assure you, my method is very simple. I use one needle in my technique at all times. I’m often asked if I use two needles and I find that I while I am open to learning new things, I work best with one needle and I don’t feel like I need to reinvent the wheel. I call my technique, “bead embroidery.” I use one needle with a double thread and place the beads where I need them and tack down. I complete all of my pieces in this method and the most complicated part of my creative process is determining when the piece is finished. It is a mental struggle between my brain and heart at that point. I use an expansive range of materials in my work, from very inexpensive beads to beads that are priceless (Venetians). I do not discriminate in my material use and will mix imperfect materials that cost very little with the finest silk. My work focuses on oral tradition, genealogy & social justice issues.