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Troy Sice

Heavenly Water

Zuni Tribe of the Zuni Reservation


FR P 305

I only use natural materials of turquoise, corals, lapis, opals, shells, stones and gems. All hand carved and hand made inlay. I cut, shape, sand and polish all materials. Then put together earrings/pendants/necklaces as final step for my fetish jewelry. I use sterling silver/18k gold or higher findings to finish my work. I use only natural materials in my work such as Elk, European Elk, Deer, Moose Antlers and Bison horn for the main medium. I do on occasion carve other materials but rarely. Those also have to be natural materials such as Lapis, Turquoise, Obsidian, different Marbles, Opals, Shells, Corals etc…To create intricate motifs on my pieces, I use modern tools to incise into the antler to cut, shape and inlay natural stones and natural pigments. The technique is similar to jewelers inlaying a pin, bracelet or ring. The whole process consists of about 12 or more steps from start to finish. Cutting antler, shaping, detailing, sanding, incising, inlaying, pigmenting, sanding, buffing, brushing, polishing and finally brushing last step.