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Adrian Wall

Turquoise Skull Ring

Pueblo of Jemez


LIN E 743

I use a variety of techniques and materials in my jewelry. I fabricate mostly, but I do last wax casting on elements of my work at times. I enjoy using glass in my work, I manipulate the glass with heat in a kiln, then I often inlay the glass using lapidary techniques.I use natural stones in my work as well. I like to use my sculpting skills to carve stones like turquoise and jade. all of the work is done by me, I don't buy or use commercial findings. The materials I use for my sculpture vary, but I use stone, glass and steel mostly. The stone is hand carved and polished. My glass is manipulated with heat, I use a kiln to cast or fuse my glass. I use steel also, And I often weld, grind and cut it to make my sculpture.