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Adriana Poulette

Tsyoy^thu Adriana Poulette

Seed Saver



My supplies include quills from porcupines and dyes from natural sources if possible and non-commercial home-tanned leather from deer and moose. I use mostly Miyuki seed beads usually size 15 and 11 sometimes size 22 and always glass beads. I use cotton velveteen or leather as my usual canvases. I use Pellon as a stiffener to strengthen the pieces I am beading. I also use calico cotton fabric to line the items I make. Sometimes I can incorporate bias tape and ribbon. I practice Iroquois raised beadwork – the technique of sewing the beads so they have a three dimensional effect. Many of the items I make are traditional regalia and utilitarian pieces such as yokes, wrist cuffs, belts, beaded skirts, leggings, moccasins, medicine pouches and purses. I also practice quillwork. Both my Oneida and Mi’kmaq backgrounds influence my quillwork. My beadwork and quillwork designs are reflections of different plants and flowers, waters and sky elements, nature’s small creatures and birds.