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Anita Fields

What the Elk Could Not Forsee

The Osage Nation


SFT W 530

My practice is multidisciplinary, my primary focus is clay and textiles. I was initially captivated with clay because of its immediacy, its transformative qualities, and the endless possibilities it offers. My affinity for textiles and creating via a needle and thread are directly driven by being taught to sew at a young age by my grandmother. Heavily textured layers, spontaneous mark-making, and exaggerated writing are elements found in both clay and textile works. Unraveling the complex layers and distortion of truths found in the colonizer’s written history of indigenous cultures, the marks and impressions are the language of survival The human form, variations of the body, and concepts related to the Osage worldview of order and balance are found throughout my work. Landscapes, the environment and the powerful influences of nature are recurring themes; they reflect time, place, and how the earth holds the memory of cultures who once called a specific terrain home.