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Anthony Emerson

Anthony Chee Emerson


Navajo Nation


My subject matter is inspired by Dine (the people), landscapes, animals, and humor that define the Navajo Nation. My folk-art stylization started back in the early eighties. Like many things in the eighties, many collectors thought it was a little crude, cartoon-like, or outlandish. Yet these whimsical characters bring life to the paper. I took some time away from Indian Market to raise a family. It wasn't until my wife Michele ask me to do a painting for her that I returned to art. I drew a horse and didn't like where I placed it, so I decided to change its location. After becoming frustrated, I put away the painting and almost gave up. When I looked at the drawings for the painting, I noticed the traces of the horse stacked on top of one another and I proceeded to add more horses to complete the composition.