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Antoinette Thompson


Then It Begins, A New Day

Navajo Nation


PAL N 243

The style of my work is an abstract view that extends from the heart to the comfort of homes. Growing up on the reservation and finding education in the city then learning to better understand the expression of my art. I used the knowledge, the teachings, stories and culture of my Navajo heritage and infused it with vibrant colors to form my style of art. Expressing in mix media, using acrylic, oil, pastel, aerosol, pencil, markers, stencils, wood and feathers, I use arrowheads that symbolizes protection. We use them in our prayers, songs, and jewelry work. Abstract is where my heart resides and wanting to combine, both my culture with modern society is the aim of my expression. It also breaks the stereo type of Natives in America and helps "New Viewers" understand the concept of living colonized to only decolonize, artistly. I really want to share the Native culture, aspects, fear, truth and misunderstanding in a new modern way to the world by expressing with abstract.