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Arthur Holmes Jr.

Don't Worry Be Hopi

Hopi Tribe


PAL N 215

I've been craving since I was a young man and when I had my first child. Making bows and rattles, dolls for my girls. This was my way of supporting my family. My carving career didn't start until I was accepted into the Indian Market. Which I'm very appreciative for that. Grew up gathering driftwood along river banks in Hopi with my Dad. I can say I learned a lot from him. He showed me how to visualize an image in a piece of wood and how to use oil paint on the doll. Wood burning was taught by him as well. How to create fine details on each piece, making it realistic. Also participation in our ceremonies is very important to this kind of work. From your heart to a one of a kind masterpiece means a lot to me. Because one will treasure this in their home for a lifetime. Kwakwaii - Thank you again