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Boderra Joe

Rough Edges

Navajo Nation


WA W 409

When approaching any work (past or present), I appreciate the connectivity it has with viewers. How one image can bring back a memory or remind someone of their own home. I look at my work as a collection of different perspectives, thus leading to different angles, lighting, color, and depth of field. I’ve been working with the idea of color and lighting for years and whenever I create new work or revisit old ones, I explore my options of how I can create a different world, a different perspective. The work I share are examples of the different vantage point I experience with landscape almost on a daily basis while living on the reservation: sunsets, sunrise, starry nights, leading lines, and change of seasons. The universe is always changing and I feel my work is always changing as well, which leads to new ideas. These works are a map of my existence: the colors you see, the mountains you see, the shadows you see, are all fragments that are important to me because they exist.