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Brent Brokeshoulder

Pahlik Mana (Butterfly Maiden)

Hopi Tribe


PAL S 259

HELLO, I have been creating my Katsina dolls for over 15 years. As the dolls themselves reverted back to the traditional style. To create the I use pocket knives, exact blades, hand saws but more importantly rasps to rough the cottonwood out. The wood is the only medium I use to make the dolls. For the color arrangement I collect colors from pigments found at Hopi, Texas, Mexico which I trade for and are safe to use. All the feathers are in regulation with the US wildlife. Commercial duck, pheasant, grouse, parrot, turkey, are used for decoration when completing my art. Navajo dyed sheep wool, cotton string, pigskin, deer, cow leather maybe used but not on all the dolls created. To tack down wood glue is used swell as toothpicks. I get my ideas from ceremonial dances that I have seen and mainly from my father from what he was taught in his era whom which I was taught from as a young man. I have not shown in SWAIA since I was enlisted into the US Army since 2012. thanks Brent B.